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The Great Lansing Adventure – Local Craft Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Although purchasing wine, beer and hard alcohol from local producers has recently blossomed into a trendy thing to do all around the United States, here in Lansing it’s always been something we’ve done. We pride ourselves on our history of creating quality drinks that inspired people to buy locally produced beverages for years before it became a popular activity. Here are 9 great places to try crafted beverages produced from right here in Lansing.

Lansing Wineries

Burgdorf’s Winery

Established in 2005, Burgdorf’s Winery has distinguished itself as an innovative crafter of unique wines; they have numerous awards to prove it. On an estate just east of Lansing, Burgdorf’s offers visitors year-round wine tastings in a comfortable atmosphere.

Country Mill Farms

For kids or the young at heart, enjoy the Haunted Cider Mill, petting zoo, corn maze, and Orchard Express Train at Country Mill Farms. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly day out or you want a fun location that has a great selection of homemade wine, Country Mill Farms has got you covered.

Uncle John’s Cider Mill

In the early 1970s Uncle John’s Cider Mill began its transformation from a wholesale produce farm into a family-friend day-trip destination. With plenty of activities to occupy the kids, the adults will have the opportunity to sample homemade hard ciders, wines, and spirits that are produced from the fields around the property.

Distilleries in Lansing

Red Cedar Spirits

Located on the shores of the Red Cedar, this distillery offers guests a large selection of craft spirits, ciders and wines. Red Cedar Spirits also plays host to the Michigan State University Artisan Distilling Program and stocks locally produced cheeses from the MSU Dairy Plant – which means you will be supporting your local university with every sip and bite!

Sanctuary Spirits

This artisan distillery in Grand Ledge focuses their attention on small batch whiskeys, vodkas, and other high quality spirits. Devoted to providing customers a great experience in the tasting room and at home, Sanctuary Spirits creates beverages that will leave people satisfied.

Lansing Breweries

Bad Brewing Company

Bad Brewing in Mason is both modern and rustic. Once you get there you can choose from unique beers like the Chocolate Covered Coffee Brown and the Kracken IPA. No matter what brew you choose, this craft brewery will definitely leave you wanting more.

EagleMonk Pub and Brewery

Not sure whether you feel like craft beer or homemade wine? Then head over to EagleMonk! This pub and brewery makes both beer and wine on the premises, as well as their own pizza. It’s the best of all worlds.

Harper’s Brew Pub

Located in East Lansing, this brewery and pub is a popular Michigan State University hotspot. With too many Best of MSU awards to count, it’s a safe bet that any hand-crafted beer you order at Harper’s Brew Pub is going to be delicious.

Midtown Beer Company

A brewery proud to be Michigan born and raised, Midtown Beer Company features local beers and wines as well as drinks mixed with micro-distilled spirits created in the area.

You can experience your favorite local beer, wine or spirit right where it’s created when you visit one of Greater Lansing’s distilleries, breweries or wineries. For those of you who are 21 and up, devote a night or even a weekend for a tasting tour adventure!

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