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Getting Your Manufactured Home’s Deck Ready for Spring

One of the best things about manufactured homes is that there are so many ways you can customize them. Some people want their manufactured homes to have a kitchen island while others might really want a fireplace, but one of the most popular ways people choose to customize their manufactured homes is by having a deck. Many of the manufactured homes in our HomeFirst™ communities have decks and it’s easy to understand why they’re so popular. Having a deck gives you the perfect place to relax outside after a long day at work, to watch your kids have fun as they play around, and to entertain friends and neighbors.

Now that springtime is almost here, it’s time to start making sure your deck is ready for the warmer months ahead. Since decks are exposed to the elements all year long, a little bit of maintenance can go a long way in making sure your deck will provide you with years of happiness.

First, remove everything from the deck and sweep the deck to get rid of things like leaves and larger pieces of other debris, then wash it with good old fashioned liquid dish soap and water using a stiff-bristled brush. If you don’t have a power washer, don’t worry; you don’t need to have one to clean your deck effectively. In fact, power washers can often cause damage to decks if you’re not careful. Washing your deck helps to prevent mold from growing, but if you happen to see signs of mold growth, clean using a mixture of 1 part oxygen bleach, 3 parts water, and ⅓ cup of liquid dish soap (be sure the soap doesn’t contain ammonia) and let it set for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. The oxygen bleach won’t damage your home’s siding or the plants around your house the way regular bleach would.

Take a look around your deck for things that might need to be repaired, such as loose boards. Since the planks of your deck can contract when the weather is cold and expand again when the weather warms up, it’s very common for boards to come loose every now and then. If any sections of wood seem to be soft, they may need to be replaced.

When was the last time you stained or sealed your deck? According to many experts, decks should be stained two to three years. It can be a time consuming chore, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your manufactured home deck in good shape.

Once your deck has been cleaned and stained (if necessary), it’s time for the more fun step of decorating your deck so that it will be ready for you and your family to use in the warmer months ahead. If you like to keep potted plants on your deck, you might want to set them on something plastic to prevent them from causing damage to the deck. Take a look at your outdoor furniture. If any of the cushions for your outdoor chairs have mold or mildew on them, replace them with new ones. Do you have kids who like to play around outside a lot? Maybe a weatherproof box to store their outdoor toys in would make a good addition to your deck.  

By taking these steps, your deck will look fantastic all through the spring and summer. If your manufactured home doesn’t already have a deck, you always have the option to add one on if you like. They’re an excellent way to make your manufactured home more comfortable and enjoyable.

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