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Getting Your Manufactured Home Ready for Fall

With fall just around the corner, it’s a good time of year to start getting your home ready for the cooler months ahead. Since it’s not too cold yet, now is a good time to start making sure your home is fully prepared to handle the cold weather that lies ahead. That way, if you find any problems, you’ll have a chance to fix them before the weather gets too cold. Here are a few good steps to take to make sure your manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community is ready to face another cold Michigan winter:

Check Your Skirting

How’s the skirting around your manufactured home? Are there any gaps or holes in it that aren’t for ventilation? One of the main functions of skirting is to prevent rodents and other animals from moving in underneath your home. And with the weather starting to get cooler, those critters might be tempted to take shelter underneath your home if there’s a gap in your skirting they could fit through.

You might also be interested in installing insulated skirting to make your home extra energy efficient. Manufactured homes are already pretty energy efficient, but insulated skirting can help make them even more so.

Check the Furnace

Since it’s been a while since you last had to run your furnace, it would be a good idea to give it a test run to make sure it’s still in good working order. The last thing you want is find out there’s a problem with your furnace when it’s too cold to be without it. Fire it up, make sure everything starts up okay, and let it run for a little while just to make sure there aren’t any immediately obvious problems.

Furnace filters need to be changed out every few months, so it may be time to change that. Dirty furnace filters make it hard for it to run optimally, so this is an important step in making sure your furnace stays in good shape.

Check Doors and Windows

Although manufactured homes are designed for energy efficiency, it can’t hurt to check out some of the main places cold air can sneak in through — your doors and windows. Just give them an inspection to make sure there aren’t any obvious signs of problems like weather stripping coming off.

Check the Fireplace

Spending a night sitting by a fire can be a wonderful way to spend a chilly fall or winter night and luckily, many of the manufactured homes you’ll find in our HomeFirst™ communities have fireplaces in them.  But first, it’s a good idea to have your fireplace inspected to make sure there isn’t creosote buildup in the flue or any other blockages, and there are no other signs of damage.

HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are wonderful places to spend the fall months. All of our communities are located near excellent schools, so your kids will have great places to begin a new school year. Plus many of our communities are located in cities close to lots of fun things to do during the fall like cider mills and orchards. Take a look at some of the manufactured homes available to own or rent in our communities. With so many homes in so many great locations, you’re bound to find a place you love! And we’d love to have you join us!

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