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Getting to Know Clayton Homes

Manufactured housing communities are typically full of homes made by several different manufacturers and HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are no different. If you live in one of our communities, you might live in a manufactured home made by Champion, while your neighbor might live in one made by Clayton Homes, and another neighbor could live in one made by yet another company. Clayton Homes are just one of many brands of homes you’ll find in our HomeFirst™ communities.

Founded in 1966, Clayton Homes went on to become one of the leading manufacturers of manufactured homes. They are headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee and are currently the largest builder of manufactured homes in the United States with 35 factories in the U.S. and their homes are available in 49 states. Their homes come in a huge variety of floorplan styles, so their customers will have plenty of homes to choose from. In addition to manufactured homes, Clayton also makes modular homes, apartments, dormitories, and military barracks.

Clayton Homes have been recognized for producing environmentally friendly, energy efficient homes. They are ISO 14001 Certified for green building standards and have been named an Energy Star Partner of the Year. They’ve also been recognized by the Manufactured Housing Institute with multiple awards for home design and have been named Manufacturer of the Year for 8 out of the past 9 years.

Interested in living in a Clayton manufactured home in one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities? Already own a Clayton manufactured home that you would like to move into a HomeFirst™ community? Contact us! We’d love to have you come join us! We have communities located in some of Michigan’s most ideal locations and our communities have resort-like amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and athletic courts. Don’t forget to check out our special offers for new residents!

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