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Getting Creative with the Falling Leaves

Fall is a beautiful season here in Michigan. The changing colors and falling leaves make for picturesque scenes virtually anywhere you go in this great state. Though those leaves might leave you with the daunting task of raking your lawn, there’s lots of fun things to do with these little wonders of nature throughout the fall season.

Get Festive Bags

You can always dress your yard up with pumpkin themed garbage bags. Once you fill these bright orange bags with leaves, they become giant jack-o-lanterns, making great decorations, and once Halloween is over, it’s easy to simply move the bag to the curb to be collected. This way is both decorative and practical!

Preserve Your Favorite Leaves

We all know that age-old craft of finding a great leaf, and compressing it between two pieces of parchment paper to dry them out and preserve them. Try finding leaves of different sizes and colors and compressing and drying them to make a lovely collage. You can arrange them in a frame to create a beautiful fall decoration for your manufactured home!

Decorate Your Leaves

Though preserving the natural beauty of the leaves is one way to enjoy fall, sometimes it can be fun to create something new. Cover your leaves with glitter to create a fun twist on the autumn season. Or, create little leaf characters or animals for more fun for the kids!

Play Games

Play matching games and try to find matching leaves (good luck with this one!) or come up with a scavenger hunt to find beautiful, colorful leaves. You might even want to use this as a fun way to find leaves to turn into a cool art project!

Ready, Set, Jump!

This one is a no-brainer. What does every family love doing most with their leaves? Jumping in them of course! Make a family day out of cleaning your yard by raking leaves into piles and letting the kids jump in them.


No matter how you embrace this Michigan autumn, HomeFirst™ will ensure you have a colorful season with your family, as well as a warm, cozy, and affordable manufactured home to relax in after days of fall and winter fun.   

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