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Getting a Jump on Spring Cleaning


Why wait until spring to start cleaning? If you start now you’ll be ahead of the game. Plus, you don’t have the nicer spring weather to distract you right now.

Seasonal cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task. General Creighton Abrams said that “when eating an elephant, take it one bite at a time”; this is useful advice for your cleaning tasks. Working in small bits helps to chip away at that massive spring-cleaning list. But where do you start?


  • Make A List
    Come up with a list of everything that you would put on your spring-cleaning list. You don’t have to limit it to the rooms in your home though. Items like, updating your address book, cleaning out your fridge and cutting down on kitchen clutter (items you don’t use anymore) can all make the list.
  • Make A Timeline
    Break it down by room and put a timeline with it. By starting now, you’ll be ready to enjoy the fresh air of spring come April without worrying about the cleaning. DOn’t stress if you miss your assigned cleaning taks for the week; we all get busy. Just add it to another week, or move it to the end.
  • Make the Time
    Set aside 15-30 minutes a day to scratch off a couple items on your list. This will help you keep to your timeline and make those small tasks add up!

You’ll still be done in plenty of time to enjoy the weather as many of your friends are stuck in doors cleaning.


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