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Fun Water Sports for Families

Playing in the water is a favorite summer pastime. While everyone knows about swimming and fishing, there are many other water games that can be an absolute blast for families. Now that the outdoor pool in your HomeFirstTM Certified Community is open, take to the water and make a splash with the following games:

Marco Polo: It’s kind of like hide and go seek, only with a twist. One person is chosen as “it.” The person closes his eyes, counts to 10, and then yells “Marco!” Everyone else in the game yells “Polo.” While keeping his or her eyes closed, the object is to use your sense of hearing to catch another person. After the “it” person catches another person, that person becomes “it.”

Volley Pool: This might not be the perfect game for every pool, but under the right circumstances this game can be a blast! It’s just like volleyball except it’s played in the water. Try to keep the rally going by trudging and splashing through the water. It’s a fun game that really keeps you moving!

Popsicle: It’s “freeze tag” in the water, with a tasty twist. One person is “it” and tries to tag other players. If a player is tagged, he or she must stand with their arms straight in the air (like a popsicle) until another player “thaws” them by swimming between their legs. A player cannot be tagged while underwater.

Dolphins and Sharks: The perfect game for a big group. Divide players into two groups – dolphins and sharks – and have them stand on opposite ends of the pool. Designate one person as leader. When ready, the leader calls out either “dolphins” or “sharks.” Whichever group is called has to swim to the other side of the pool before being tagged by a member of the other team. Any player tagged has to join the “enemy” team. The game ends when all players have become part of one team.

F-I-S-H: It’s just like the popular basketball game “H-O-R-S-E” only in the water. All you need is a mini basketball hoop and a ball to play. The first person takes a shot from anywhere in the pool. If the person makes it, the other players must make the same shot or to avoid being given a letter. If the person misses the shot, it’s the next person’s turn. When you have all four letters, you’re a “F-I-S-H”, meaning you’re out.

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