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Fun Picnic Ideas

A picnic supper in Italy
The weather is warm, the grass is dry and the days are getting longer, what a perfect combination for an outdoor picnic with family and friends! Whether you like to go to public parks for your picnics or just set up a nice spot in the grassy area of your backyard, picnics are about spending time outdoors with the people you love while sharing stories and eating delicious summer foods.

Don’t forget that planning a picnic should be just as fun as having a picnic, so we’ve made the ‘planning a picnic’ part a little easier and a little more exciting with these cute ideas!


Picnic Table/Blanket Spread Ideas:

– An outdoor lounge area

– Backyard table picnic setup

– Individually wrapped picnic pieces

– Modern picnic totes: replace the basket


Portable Picnic Food Ideas:

Food that is made ready to eat and in its own containers, such as mason jars, makes a picnic much easier and less messy. For kids, making separate lunches and placing them in a bag or container makes it easier to set up once you find your perfect picnic spot.

– Spill free juice

– Mini individual baked mac & cheese

– Brownie dessert dip

– Mason jar meals


It doesn’t take much to have an enjoyable time at a picnic- so don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the outdoors!


Photo Credit: Rowena

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