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Freaky Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (13/366)
Today many of us woke up thinking, T.G.I.F! But this isn’t a typical Friday, it’s Friday the 13th!  For all the superstitious folks out there, today is an odd day with negative connotations surrounding it.

So what makes Friday the 13th so freaky? Most likely the folklore about black cats and walking under ladders that we’ve always heard about when we were young. And with all of the creepy and scary movies pumped out by Hollywood, no wonder everyone just feels a bit off on this day.

Whether you are superstitious or you think this is all nonsense, Friday the 13th origins and silly superstitions will always be discussed with an eerie tone. So ‘beware’ of the day if you are a believer or play along if you aren’t and have a little fun!

Photo Credit: Dennis Skley

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