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4 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

The holidays are nearly here and you may be preparing your home with festive decorations and finishing up your Christmas shopping. In addition to having a great deal on your to-do list, you may also be feeling appreciative of all that you have to be thankful for. This is also a great time to start thinking about giving back. Here are a few ways you can give to others this season, so everyone can have something to be thankful for.

Clean out Your Closet

This is the best time of years to clean the closets and toy rooms. You can encourage the kids to get involved by telling them they need to make room for gifts that are coming their way. Take the gently used clothing and toys and donate it to a charity that uses the funds to help others in need. You’ll have more space in your https://homefirstcertified.com/michigan-manufactured-homes-for-sale, someone who’s on a tight budget will be able to buy your donated items at low prices, and the charity will have more funds to help people in need.

Donate Your Time

There’s nothing more important than donating your own time. Many charities have funds for operating expenses, but they can always use help manning phones, sorting donations and serving food in the soup kitchens. This is one assignment that you can get the entire family involved in, ad it can make a lasting impression on young children.

Visit the Local Retirement Home

People in nursing homes don’t always have family nearby who can come visit them. Too many of the residents in these homes are left alone as their friends have died and their families may be out of the area. Take the time to visit the nursing home in your area. Talk to the nurses to see who never gets a visitor, and go brighten that person’s day by dropping off a handmade Christmas card or hanging some ornaments up in their room.

Have a Food or Clothing Drive

If you’re hosting a party at your home or with a youth group, charge an admission to the festivities. It can be a food donation for the local food pantry, gently used coats for children in need or a donation for your group to adopt a family and buy presents for them. This is a fun way to get your circle of friends or the youth group involved in charity.

There are several ways to give back this holiday season. While cash donations are always welcomed by non-profit groups, what these agencies are really in need of is your time. Volunteer to work at a soup kitchen, go visit the invalids at the retirement home or volunteer to help at a non-profit thrift store. Help others in need by donating your gently used items, and consider hosting a drive to provide people in need with the items they need most. It’s a great way to give back, and your children will also learn some important lessons in the process.

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