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6 Ways to Spend Sundays Without Football

Approximately 111.5 million viewers tuned into the 2014 Super Bowl, making it the most-watched television show in U.S. history. While the numbers are staggering, they are anything but shocking. Americans love their football, setting aside countless hours every Sunday to watch their favorite teams in action. When the season ends – like it finally did on February 2 – it leaves a void in their lives.

Here are 6 ways to spend Sunday now that football is out of the picture.

Take a Walk

The weather is still very chilly, but it won’t be for much longer. The temperatures are slowly rising and spring will be in full bloom before we know it. Take advantage of the warm weather by taking a nice long walk with your family around your manufactured home community.


Each HomeFirst Certified Community has a wonderful playscape. Take your kids to your neighborhood playscape and enjoy an afternoon swinging, sliding and having an overall awesome time! If that gets old, grab a basketball and shoot some hoops at the outdoor court. Maybe you can even start a light pickup game with your neighbors.

Family Board Game

If the weather is still too cold, stay indoors and make it a game night! Gather your family, grab your favorite board game, and let the good times flow.

Read a Book

Your eyes could probably use a break from the TV. Visit your local bookstore or library and find a book that looks interesting. Set aside a couple hours every Sunday to read a few chapters. Pretty soon you’ll be so wrapped up in the book that you won’t even remember it’s the football offseason.


Some people associate football with greasy foods. Now’s the time to get in shape after all those weeks of unhealthy eats. Like football, exercise is very addicting. Once you begin to notice a difference in yourself, you’ll want to exercise every chance you get.


Look online for charities in your area. Chances are there’s a food bank or another nonprofit organization that could use an extra hand…or several! Volunteering is a great group activity. You guys can have a blast while making a real difference in your community.

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