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5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Slipping and Falling

Each year millions of people are seriously hurt after slipping and falling. Most of these accidents happen when you least expect. Anyone can experience a sudden fall after slipping on something that makes you lose your balance. Common hazards are wet or waxy floors, cables and wires, icy walkways, unattended objects, old carpeting, open holes and stairs.

Even people who never have a problem with gravity will occasionally be in a situation where they temporarily lose balance. For instance, a manufactured home may be perfectly safe on most days, but failure to watch out for that collection of appliance chords causes a quick trip to the floor.

Here are 5 ways to avert a possible injury from falling:

Always Be On Alert

Whether you are at home, at work or out running errands it is a good idea to always be on the look out for slip and fall hazards. People that daydream a lot are particularly at risk. It is possible to get so caught up in thought that you never see that object in your path.

Try to maintain a minimum amount of awareness of your surroundings. Most injuries happen due to the carelessness of others. People drop food and drink on the floor without telling anyone. Kids leave toys strewn around. Store employees mop the floor and fail to put up a warning sign. Your first defense is awareness.

Wear Sturdy Shoes

Choose shoes that have sturdy skid-resistant soles. You can look at the groove pattern to see how well they might protect you on slippery surfaces. Shoes with extra thick soles and deep grooves can help you keep your balance.

Make sure the shoe laces are tied tight on your shoes. Some falls happen due to laces coming loose while walking. Shoes with Velcro closures are a good alternative.

Strong Handrails

Installing a handrail along a staircase is an easy way to stop staircase falls. Handrails have saved countless people as they stumbled. You can quickly grab hold of the railing and regain control.

Seniors and disabled individuals benefit greatly from bathtub and shower handrails. These prevent accidental slips while getting in and out of wet areas.

Find handrails that are made from sturdy materials. Proper installation is important. Make sure the rails feels solid and supports adult weight.

Clear the Home of Hazards

Keep appliance chords away from common walking areas. Invest in a chord organizer for better protection. Get a toy box for kids and have them store their toys when not in use. Replace old carpeting that is frayed or lumpy. Place non-slip mats in the bathroom, kitchen and walkways that may get wet from weather.

Add More Lighting

Use manufactured home lighting systems such as track lighting or night lights to brighten up dark spaces. One reason why people slip and fall is because there is inadequate lighting along pathways.

Lighting can be placed in doorways, along dark stairways, in hallways, garages, basements, attic entryways, porches, kitchens, bathrooms, driveways and other spots.

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