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Family Safety Comes First at HomeFirst™!

If you and your family are moving to a new area, you want to be sure you’re moving to a safe area. Not only are our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities as safe as can be, but the cities right outside the community are safe as well.  When raising your family we want your kids to grow up to be safe just like you do. So that’s why we ensure you that you won’t be disappointed with the environment that surrounds our HomeFirst™ communities after you move in.  That’s why we’ve established our communities within or near cities that the FBI rates as the safest cities in Michigan.

Our Woodland Ridge community is located in South Lyon, the third safest city in Michigan according to the FBI. They stated that the odds of you being a victim of any sort of crime in South Lyon is 1 in 95.  With odds like that, why wouldn’t you want to move into one of our glorious communities right away?  When you live in a crime free community, it would be a great idea to invite friends and family over for a gathering and introduce all of them to your nice neighbors.  If you didn’t have time to clean your house before they all come over, then reserve our clubhouse for use where your whole family can relax comfortably while interacting with one another.  Our manufactured homes in South Lyon, as well as all of our communities, have homes up to 2,300 square feet so you can rest assured that you and your family will be sleeping safely every night.

Whether you live by yourself or you have a family of four, our homes are built for any single person or family size.  If you’re moving from a crime ridden city, check out our Meadow Creek community in New Haven, located a stone’s throw away from New Baltimore, which was rated sixth in the list of Michigan’s safest cities.  If you work a night job and feel like working out after a night on the job, have no fear of going to our 24 hour fitness center in the middle of the night because we can promise you that you won’t be a victim of any crime. New Haven is also right next to Lake St. Clair so, it would be a great idea to take you and your family to the beach without worrying about anything bad happening.

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