Entertaining At Home with Minimal Effort

Hey Love's First Birthday Party - the savory finger foods
Now that it’s October, we are going to progressively spend less and less time outdoors. But this time of the year, being so close to many holidays, is the best time of year for fun and cozy entertaining!

Summertime parties were easy because of warm weather and grilled foods, but don’t be discouraged to entertain because you think it’ll be more effort. Fall and winter entertaining can be just as easy as summer, and we’ll tell you how.

  • Buy high-end paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware. This cuts down on set up, clean up and can still look classy for your guests.
  • Don’t cook a full-fledged dinner! There are plenty of holidays coming up with tons of food. Save yourself the strife of cooking a 4 course meal and make ‘mini’ foods instead! These are hand held appetizer-like foods, but can easily replace a meal if you make a variety of them and choose some hearty recipes. These will be a hit, trust us!
  • Skip a ‘themed’ party (unless you want one of course) and keep it simple by creating a homemade table centerpiece. It’s all you need to bring some flair to the party and make it seem more of a dinner party even with finger foods.
  • Save time and money with party invitations by sending them out online. Although paper invitations are fun to receive, it is widely accepted to receive e-invitations to all sorts of events. It doesn’t take a website developer to figure out how to design these invites and send them out to your friends inboxes. Here are some great, free websites for online invitations:
    • Evite.com
    • Pingg.com
    • Paperlesspost.com
    • Punchbowl.com

Take these tips and ideas and put them in your back pocket until your next party. You should be able to save time and stress by cutting down chores and cooking that come with an average party. And not to mention you’ll have a blast designing your own invitation!

Do you have your own personal entertaining short cuts you’d like to share? Comment below!


Photo Credit: Heylovedesigns

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