Elementary School Supply List Tips

School Supplies Pencils Erasers August 07, 20103

Summer is over and the little ones are back in school! Now, you’re holding an elementary school supply list in the jungle that is known as the school supply section of your local store. Before you dive into the crowd, consider these items you may have at home to cut down on the cost!

  • Folders- A little TLC goes a long way with last year’s folders! Spend some time erasing marks and taping up tears to salvage and reuse. Use nail polish remover to remove anything written in sharpie.
  • Pencil Bag- Spend a few minutes with a needle and thread to reinforce the binder holes of last years pencil bag. If you’re not very good at sewing, grab a stapler!
  • Pencils and Pens- There are more than enough lying around the house, and these items don’t tend to wear out. Collect some writing utensils and clean them up with a little water to make them great for the start of your little one’s school year!

Want more ideas? Check out some more items that you may have around the house to cut down on your elementary school supply list!


Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

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