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Easy Ways to Save in the Kitchen

Scavolini kitchen (before we started collecting *stuff*)
Everyone puts a lot of money into their home but there’s one part of the house that ends up being the most expensive: the kitchen! This part of your house has the most appliances and also has recurring food and accessory costs.

So we’ve come up with a few tips in order to help you cut down on your kitchen costs without having to sacrifice convenience. Try them out!


–       Purchase a potted herb garden No need to waste gas to run to the store to purchase expensive herbs for every recipe! Not to mention this looks pretty on your windowsill, they are easy to take care of and will encourage you to add more herbs into your meals. Healthy and flavorful!

–       Buy Viva paper towels and reuse them up to 4 times These towels are higher quality and are harder to rip and less likely to fall apart after one use. These are meant to be reused and can save you money over time- just make sure your family doesn’t use them as napkins. (Extra tip: buy separate cheap paper napkins and make sure your family knows to use those instead of wasting paper towels- that’s why you need to keep buying them over and over again!)

–       Opt to buy in bulk Buy food staples that you use regularly in bulk. Store the bulk in large packaging and store small amounts in separate containers in your pantry, this makes it easier to handle when cooking. This is a tremendous money saver; no need to be running to the store every month to stock up on staples. Great items to buy in bulk and store: frozen chicken, frozen fish, flour, sugar, nutra-grain bars and individually packaged drinks.

–       Freeze leftover cream from recipes Sometimes a recipe calls for heavy cream and usually the amount needed is very small. Instead of tossing the leftovers (and your money) in the garbage, pour the cream into an ice cube tray and freeze until the next time you need it!

–       Use household/food items to clean Use vinegar and lemons to clean your kitchen or make your own homemade cleaning supplies. Here are some easy cleaning supplies ‘recipes’. Another great tip: keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh by tossing parts of a fresh lemon in and running the disposal. Do this every couple weeks to keep bad scents at bay!


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