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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Why DIY Costumes are Better

Halloween can be children’s favorite holiday to celebrate. With the endless candy and scary movies, Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year. However, costumes have got to be the best part. Unfortunately, most of the Halloween costumes sold in stores are usually low-quality, unoriginal, and expensive. Almost every costume out there has been done over a dozen times and looks like just about every other costume out there. If you would like your child to stand out in their trick-or-treat group, consider making a DIY costume.

Animal/Insect Costumes

One original costume idea that is easy to do is to dress up your child as a cute animal. For example, you can create a snail costume by taking a brown craft paper and turn it into a snail’s shell by crumpling, rolling, and gluing the paper into a swirl. Then glue a cardboard square onto one side of the swirl and attach two ribbons as straps on each side so that your child can wear the “shell” like a backpack. For the snail’s feelers at the top of the snail’s head, create a headband by twisting paper into long antlers and gluing foam balls at the tips. Then take these “feelers” and glue them onto a plastic headband to complete your costume.

Along those same lines, you can turn your child into a ladybug just as easily. Dress your child all in red with a black knit hat. Then you can use a plain old backpack and pin black felt circles on it to give it the pattern of a ladybug’s back. The best part is your child can use the backpack to hold candy while trick-or-treating and use it for school after Halloween. Easy and practical!

Toy Costumes

The green plastic army soldiers that have been featured in the Toy Story movies have become iconic. The good news is, the costume for this toy is incredibly easy. Make sure that your child has an old pair of baggy pants, old boots, an old jacket, a helmet, gloves, toy binoculars, and other army accessories like a toy hand grenade or rifle. Make sure all the clothes fit your child. If you do not have any extra clothes to spare, the local thrift store or Goodwill store should have the necessary articles of clothing that you can buy for cheap. Once you have all your materials, spray paint every part of the outfit including the accessories with at least two coats of primer and three coats of army green spray paint. After the costume dries, assemble it on your child and it will look like he or she just popped out of a Toy Story movie. To make it look even more authentic, apply green face paint on your child’s face.

Additionally, you can turn your child into a ventriloquist dummy very easily. For boys, use a suit and bowtie he may already have in his closet, and for girls, use a nice dress with tights. You can also visit the thrift store to find a more suitable outfit. Bringing the ventriloquist dummy costume to life will hinge on the makeup work. Using eyeliner, draw lines down from both corners of your child’s mouth to their chin. You can exaggerate dummy-like characteristics by using eyeliner, fake eyelashes, blush, and drawing freckles on your child’s cheeks.

These are just a few simple ways to create original costumes that are inexpensive and fun. Making Halloween costumes can be your family’s newest way to bond together. You’ll be saving a ton of money and you don’t have to be artistically talented. Just be creative and remember to have fun.

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