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Earn Great Education with Potterville Schools

TheIndependence Commons Manufactured Home Community is located in the Potterville Public School District. If you have children in grade school, this is a very good thing! Potterville Public Schools are among the best in Michigan, providing a tremendous education to K-12 students, and preparing them for college and beyond! Here are some reasons Potterville Public Schools are right for you family.

All information is provided by the Potterville Public School District website.

Great Schools

The Potterville Public School District has great schools at every level. In elementary school, students are supported by teachers that are committed to helping them build a foundation of knowledge. As they reach middle school and high school, students are held to high behavioral and academic expectations and taught take personal responsibility for their actions inside and outside of the classroom.

Here’s a list of Potterville Public Schools:

Potterville Elementary School (K-4)
Potterville Middle School(5-8)
Potterville High School(9-12)
Center for Alternative Programs
Potterville Public Schools Child Care Center

Continuity and Camaraderie

Since Potterville only has one elementary school, middle school and high school, students get to enjoy a continuous education experience, and build camaraderie with their classmates. Building relationships is crucial to a student’s education, and Potterville offers a better opportunity to do this than other districts in Michigan. All of the schools are adequately resourced with outstanding teachers, books and other educational materials.

Personal Attention

Potterville Public Schools serves approximately 950 students. Since the student population is on the smaller side, students are given more individual attention from teachers and administrators. This has created a culture of respect and support that echoes from the student body to professional staff. The district works diligently to foster an atmosphere of cooperation as well as fine educational opportunities for all students and their families.

Extracurricular Activities

Academics are merely one component of an individual’s education. While good grades are important, so are extracurricular activities. Extracurriculars give students the chance to interact with others, challenge themselves and impress college recruiters with their well roundedness. From athletic teams to clubs like Quiz Bowl and Book Club, Potterville Public Schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Contact Potterville Public Schools
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