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What You Need to Know About Double Wide Manufactured Homes

Are you considering options for regular and double wide manufactured homes in Michigan? If you are looking for a larger manufactured home, there are some great double wide manufactured home floor plans that can show you how possible it is to significantly save money on a home without sacrificing square footage and great finishing touches.

Larger or growing families, as well as multi-generational homes, might consider this option as an affordable home option that can provide several bedrooms, more than one bathroom, plenty of storage, and other features.

Today’s Mobile Homes Have Great Features

The stigma formerly associated with manufactured homes is dissipating. When you look at exorbitant housing prices of new and resale site-built, also known as stick-built, homes and compare them to the cost of manufactured homes, you can see why the latter is increasing in popularity.

Add to that the fact that quality building standards are high and there are a great number of options to choose from so that you get great finishing touches, just as with any other model home, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking at this option. Lower cost up front and lower ongoing costs make today’s mobile homes a great option for anyone who wants their own space, space they can be proud of, that won’t necessarily cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Single Wide vs Double Wide Manufactured Homes

The difference between a single wide and double wide home is that your home is delivered in two halves and then assembled on site. A single wide home tends to be eighteen feet wide or less and less than ninety feet long, meaning it can be transported on its own. A double wide home is put together in such a way to ensure excellence in construction from safety and weather-proofing standpoints.

Michigan Double Wide Manufactured Homes – Big Homes at a Reasonable Price

Saving money is one of the big reasons many people in Michigan are looking at this option for an affordable housing solution. Beyond saving money with a double wide versus a standard site-built home of similar square footage, today’s options are crafted with rigorous quality standards in building as well as the added advantage of energy efficiency, helping Michigan families save not only on the upfront purchase cost but also on the ongoing maintenance prices.

Double Wide Installations

When purchasing a double wide home that is new, delivery and installation prices will likely be built into the cost of the home. Ensure you have a solid understanding of all associated costs and inclusions in your purchase contract.

Buying a resale double wide manufactured home? If you need it moved, you’ll want to work with a licensed installer to ensure all is done properly. Transportation insurance is important in the case of any sized home and of particular importance with a larger home. An installation warranty is an important document to have, giving you full disclosure about all associated warranty information.

Many experts recommend having a third-party inspector review the installation of a double wide mobile home to ensure all is done according to best practices and associated state building code.

Other Considerations for Those Looking at Buying a Double Wide Manufactured Home in Michigan

Yes, you can get a large and beautiful home with great finishes. Yes, you can save money compared to a significantly higher-priced site-built home on the initial cost of the home, the ongoing maintenance and utility fees, as well. But you may need to look at more creative financing options compared to a traditional mortgage. FHA, VA, and HUD loans are an option for those who own their own property. As for leased land and mobile home communities many offer in-house financing and referrals to lenders; they’re more than happy to help Michigan residents finance their manufactured home.

Another bonus: Compared to a site-built home, the process can happen more quickly, getting you into your brand-new home sooner.

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