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Disadvantages of Renting an Apartment

You need a place to live, but either aren’t ready to buy a home or owning a home simply isn’t practical for you. So you start looking at apartments to rent, but that might not seem like an ideal solution, either. Although some people think apartment living is great, it isn’t necessarily right  for everybody. There are quite a few downsides to living in an apartment…

Parking Can Be a Nuisance

Depending on where an apartment is located, parking can be a big problem for tenants. If an apartment is located in a bustling city area, parking can be a real nuisance, especially if your apartment is in an older building that was built before so many people owned cars. With older buildings, on-site parking can be non-existent or very limited. If an apartment building has a parking lot, you might be only allowed one or two parking spaces, or maybe even have to pay for parking spaces.

Even if your building has assigned parking, you might find that doesn’t necessarily guarantee your parking spot won’t be taken by a neighbor’s visitor who doesn’t know any better or a neighbor who is simply inconsiderate.

Loud Neighbors

Apartment living means you’ll be in very close quarters with your neighbors, whether you like it or not. If the walls are thin, even a quiet neighbor can sound like they’re causing a total racket by doing simple, ordinary things. And if your neighbors actually are very noisy, you might feel like you can never get any peace and quiet in your apartment. Your neighbors could very well be nice people, but when you live so close together, it’s easy for every little thing they do to drive you crazy.

Lack of Control Over Your Space

As a renter, you’re not going to have a lot of freedom to decorate your apartment the way you like. Your landlord might not want to let you paint your walls, or if they do let you, they’ll expect you to put them back the way they were when you move out or risk having some (if not all) of your security deposit withheld. You also might not be allowed to do anything that will put holes in the wall, so no hanging pictures, mirrors, or other wall decorations that would require putting a nail in the wall. No mounting your TV to the wall, either.

Small Spaces

When you live in an apartment, you have to get used to making the most out of smaller spaces. You have limited space for storage, the rooms are smaller than what you might find in a house, and unless you live alone, you might start feeling like there’s just no escape from the people you live with. No matter how much you love your family, sometimes it’s nice to have a little breathing room.

What Other Options Are There?

Since renting an apartment can really be a pain, you might be wondering what other choices you have. Renting a manufactured home in one of our beautiful HomeFirst™ communities is a great alternative to renting an apartment! By renting a manufactured home, you’ll be avoiding many of the headaches that come along with renting an apartment. You’ll have more space between you and your neighbors, you’ll have no problem parking at your own home, and you’ll have more space to spread out! Sound good? Take a look at some of the manufactured homes we have available to rent and contact us if you see anything you’re interested in!

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