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Did You Know… 3 Interesting Facts About Manufactured Homes

More People are Seeing Manufactured Homes as a Long-Term Housing Option

It’s a wonderful thing to move into a home and realize you love living there so much and it suits all of your needs so perfectly that you don’t ever want to live anywhere else. In recent years, an increasing number of people who own their manufactured homes report being so satisfied with their home that they have no plans to ever sell it. And among people who do plan to move in the future, many of them say they plan to move to another manufactured home. In fact, the number of people who said they were planning to move into a regular site-built home actually went down between 2008 and 2012!

Manufactured Homes Are Not “Mobile Homes”

The vast majority of manufactured homes — about 90% — remain at their original site once they are placed there. Although it’s possible for a manufactured home to be moved after it’s been placed on its original site, the reality is that moving a manufactured home can be complicated and not nearly as simple as the term “mobile home” suggests. It’s also possible for site-built homes and buildings to be lifted off their foundations and relocated, but they’re hardly “mobile homes.”

Customizing Your Home is Easy!

If you buy a traditional site-built home, you’re either probably going to either have to do some remodeling to an existing home to get it how you want it or have a home built specifically to your standards if there’s something very specific you want. But if you purchase a new manufactured home, you’ll have a lot of freedom to have the home of your dreams! You’ll be able to choose from many different floor plans, styles of ceiling, types of flooring, types of exterior siding, skirting, fireplaces, and more! You can even add a deck, patio, or a garage if you want. If you need a home that’s wheelchair accessible, most manufacturers of manufactured housing can make a home that can accommodate your needs. And since it’s much faster to build a manufactured home than it is to build a site-built home, even if you customize one, the home of your dreams will be ready for you to move into much sooner than you’d expect!

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