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Decorating Your Manufactured Home for the Holiday Season

Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s your first holiday season living on your own or your 50th, HomeFirst™ is here to enhance the spirit one way or another.  If you haven’t moved into one of our manufactured homes yet, you’re missing out.  You’ll be so glad to customize, and decorate the inside of your HomeFirst™ home when you first move in because it’s all your’s.  If you rent an apartment or traditional house, you might not be able to decorate how you want because you have to get permission from the landlord first, and restrictions may apply.  When you invite everyone over your manufactured home for a holiday party, they’re going to be astonished to see how beautiful the interior is.  

Unique Ideas

There are plenty of ways to decorate besides just putting up the standard Christmas Tree or Menorah. Try putting up an ornament wall in which all you need is ribbon, a staple gun, and a ton of ornaments to put up on a wall inside.  Everybody loves to put stockings over the fireplace, but if you want to try something different, you could put stockings in different places in the house like behind kitchen chairs or on the doorknobs of different doors in the house.  Hanukkah has many different festive traditions and you can enhance all of them. You’re bound to get compliments from all of your guests after they see these creative ideas put into action.    

Decorate for Winter

Sometimes people decorate for the winter season, and not for the holidays. In this case, you could  turn your white refrigerator into a smiling snowman with some construction paper.  This will leave any guest or family member happy once they close the refrigerator.  Kids can also make winter decorations themselves with some plain white paper and some scissors.  Fold the piece of white paper three or four times, and cut it up to make festive snowflakes like this.  Many of the homes in our HomeFirst™ communities have fireplaces installed, and this is great for you because it’s another item you can utilize to make your home a winter wonderland.  Nothing makes a home feel cozier on a cold winter day like a nice, warm fire in the fireplace!
Preparing for the winter, and holiday season can sometimes be a time consuming task, but it can be a fun time in which you can bond with other family members.  It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating or if the winter blues sometimes get you down.  Living in a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home will leave you decorating for every holiday because of the spirit you’ll be in.  If you haven’t bought a manufactured home from us yet, hop on our website, and apply right now to start finding a home you’ll be able to decorate for any season exactly how you want.    

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