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Decorating your Manufactured Home for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and this is the kind of holiday you and your family can get really creative with when it comes to decorating your home, both inside and out. We always love seeing how our HomeFirst™ residents get into the holiday spirit by decorating their homes! If you’re in a slump when it comes to turning your manufactured home into the most festive home on the block, check out these easy decorative suggestions!

Get Creative with Your Pumpkins

Though pumpkin carving is a classic and fun fall activity, there’s so much more you can do to these festive fall fruits. Try painting them to creative your favorite scene, picture, or collage. Try using black paint to create a haunted house, or white and yellow paint to turn your pumpkin into a giant candy corn! You can even cut it in half and use it as a vase for fall flowers or other Halloween decorations.  

Easy DIY Cobweb Decorations

No need to use that fake cobweb stuff you find at the store, you can make your own fake cobwebs with ordinary cheesecloth and tea! Get yourself several yards of cheesecloth to work with and boil lots of water so you can add some teabags to it. Exactly how much water/tea you’ll need depends on how many fake cobwebs you’re making, but you’ll want to be sure you make it in a container that will give you plenty of room to work with.

Once the tea is ready, go ahead and soak the cheesecloth in so it will look a little more aged. Drape the cloth over something like a drying rack or fence to dry. After it’s dry, use scissors to create holes and runs in the fabric so it looks nice and tattered. You can drape your “cobwebs” over shrubs in your yard, over railings on your deck, or even staple several pieces of cheesecloth to a strip of wood to create a cobweb curtain! The possibilities are endless.

DIY Witch

Rather than using generic store bought decorations, this spooky decoration is easy to make yourself! All you need is four 2 x 4s, an old pair of gloves and boots, a black cape or blanket, a witch’s hat, an old broom, and possibly a wig. First put the boots and gloves on the end of the 2 by 4s to look like arms and legs. Then find a pillar or a lamppost and assemble the 2 by 4s to look like the witch has crashed into it. Drape the cape over it, and assemble the broom, hat and wig to complete the witch!
For more fun Halloween ideas, try searching on Pinterest for more creative ideas! Get in the Halloween spirit with HomeFirst™!

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