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Decorating Your Manufactured Home for Fall

If this is your first fall season living in a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home, you’re in luck because our houses make great canvases for decorating. Whether you choose to stick a big inflatable turkey out in your front yard or fill up big garbage bags that look like jack-o-lanterns, you have the capability to turn your nice summer home into a gorgeous HomeFirst™ autumn paradise for visitors and neighbors all around to enjoy.  Of course, these are just two ways you can decorate your abode.  There are plenty more unique ways to beautify your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home for the fall inside and out.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

Not only is using nature a spontaneous way to decorate, but it’s cost efficient as well. It’s simple to collect a pile of nice looking, fallen leaves and stick them in a clear vase for all your visitors to admire. If the leaves in your yard don’t look the best, try using some twigs, pine cones, or acorns to put in a vase to show the variety that the fall season is all about. If you have an empty vase laying around the house, it will cost you absolutely nothing to accomplish this decorating idea.  

The Colors of Autumn

Everybody knows the colors of fall are brown, orange, yellow, and red, but what about all the other colors out there?  Sometimes if you throw in colors like green, blue, or even purple, it can complement the fall colors around your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home nicely.  The pictures or decorations you have hung up will pop out more at your guests, and they’re more likely to notice the unique features your decorations posses. While the normal fall colors do get everybody in the mood for the season, it’s nice to switch it up and do something different from the previous years you’ve decorated for the fall.  

Furniture Used for Decorating

Sometimes manufactured home owners don’t put all their furniture in their house when they move in because they simply don’t need it. If you have some extra furniture in a storage unit, you might want to change up your furniture with the seasons. When you initially moved into your manufactured home, you might have chosen to put your white couch and pink reclining chair in the living room, which is great, but now that fall is upon us, you might decide to make a trip to the storage unit and swap it out for something with a darker color. Swapping furniture in and out of your manufactured home not only gets you in the mood for whatever season it is, but it also keeps your house fresh and vibrant.  It’s like you’re moving into a new house without actually moving!  
Follow these steps, and your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home will be looking better and more extravagant than all your friends for the fall season.     

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