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Decorating With Pressed Leaves

It’s hard not to be captivated by the beauty of colorful Fall leaves. But there’s no reason why that beauty should be limited to the great outdoors. There are ways of adding some outdoorsy touches to your home and pressing leaves is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Pressing leaves is a fairly simple process. First, gather as many leaves as you’d like. Flat, undamaged leaves that are already dry work best for this purpose. Once you have all your leaves, lay them out on a piece of newspaper or regular paper and place another piece of newspaper or paper on top of them. Color and moisture can transfer from the leaves to the paper surrounding them, so make sure that you’re using paper that you would be okay with throwing away when you’re done.

Place the leaves and paper underneath some kind of heavy object. Many people use heavy books like dictionaries for this, but any type of heavy object will work. Put the leaves in a dry area and allow the leaves to stay there for a few days to a week. The amount of time needed for leaves to fully dry depends on the size and type of the leaf. When leaves are done, they should be completely and totally dry. You can check on your leaves after a few days and allow them to continue pressing if necessary. Thicker leaves may need a couple of weeks to fully dry.

Once your leaves have dried, there are many ways you can turn them into decorations. A very popular and easy way of displaying pressed leaves is in picture frames. Some people like to create big collages with several different leaves, others like to put individual leaves in smaller frames. Pressed leaves can also be turned into garlands to be hung on bookshelves or doorways. Leaves could also be turned into a table centerpiece by being arranged in a bowl or in small vases.

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