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Daylight Savings Time- What’s It All About?

Fallen time

When is daylight savings time and why do we do it?

With daylight savings time ending this Sunday, it’s time to ‘fall back’ an hour and get our extra hour of sleep, or whatever you choose to do with your extra time. But it also makes you wonder what is daylight savings time all about? Who decided it was a good idea to ‘spring forward’ just to ‘fall back’ again?

The first person to come up with the concept was none other than Benjamin Franklin, however it was not actually put into place until much later, around World War II. That’s when daylight savings time became a mandatory observance for the entire country!

To learn more about daylight savings time and its history, check out National Geographic’s detailed article, Daylight Savings Time 2011: Why and When Does It Begin? Besides how interesting learning about daylight savings is, don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour on Sunday!

Have an amazing extra-hour weekend!

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

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