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Customizing Your Manufactured Home

The great thing about owning a home is that you have a place you can truly call your own. You can decorate it any way you’d like and do anything you like to the yard without having to get approval from a landlord or homeowner association. The same is true for manufactured homes, but many people are under the mistaken impression that all manufactured homes look the same. The reality is, manufactured homes come in all sorts of sizes and styles and can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. Here are just a few ways you can customize your manufactured home:

Choose Your Own Floorplan

Manufactured homes are made by several different manufacturers and each manufacturer has their own styles of floorplans. When you order a new manufactured home from the factory, you’ll have the chance to select the floorplan that best suits your personal style and needs. You can choose a fairly basic floorplan or choose one that comes with a fireplace, walk-in closets, elaborate kitchens, and more. Need a wheelchair accessible home? No need to worry about trying to retrofit an existing home to fit your needs, you can have a home designed to work with your wheelchair.

The only way you could get this level of customization with a site-built home would be if you had one specifically designed and built for you, which would take much longer and cost significantly more than having a manufactured home built for you. Manufactured homes can be built within a matter of weeks and installed and completed in about 30-90 days, whereas building a site-built home from scratch could take several months or even over a year.


Skirting is an essential part of any manufactured home. It gives a manufactured home a more finished look, helps your home retain heat in the winter, keep cool air in during the summer, and prevents pipes from freezing. Not only does skirting have a practical purpose, it can really change the way the exterior of your home looks. But skirting comes in a wide variety of materials like vinyl, stucco, and metal, just to name a few. You can also find skirting with a faux brick or stone finish, which can give your home a look extremely similar to that of a site-built home.

Decks and Porches

Like the idea of being able to spend a sunny summer afternoon outside relaxing, visiting with neighbors, or watching your kids play? You can do all that from the comfort of your own deck or patio! Decks and patios make fantastic additions to a manufactured home. If you want the benefits of having a deck, but want to be protected from the heat or rain, enclosed patios or sunrooms can also be added on to your manufactured home.

Garages and Carports

All homes in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community come with a storage shed, but what if you need more storage space or want a place to park your car to protect if from the elements? You can always add a garage or a carport! That way, you’ll have plenty of space to store your bikes, lawn furniture, lawn mower and other yard equipment, and anything else you can think of.

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  • Melissa Yousefzadeh 4 years ago

    My husband and I are interested in customizing our next home. Can you please point us in the right direction to get the process going ..