Creative Housewarming Gifts

Giving a friend or family member a housewarming gift in honor of a new home is a tradition that dates back centuries and spans cultures worldwide. Houseguests would show up with firewood to warm your home, honey for a sweet life, or a blue bird for good luck. Nowadays, people usually just pick up a bottle of wine or an assortment of cheeses. Why not get creative with your gifts!

Here are some simple ideas to help you come up with a great gift:
With a few flowers, and some useful kitchen utensils, you can create a kitchen bouquet. This is a great way to put several inexpensive items together and make a great gift.

Did a friend buy a fixer-upper? Why not give them this creative gift! A pail filled with extra power strips, wood glue, and other household tools.

This is a really fun gift for the gardener in your life, a lime tree with some Coronas or a lemon tree with a lemonade recipe and a pitcher.

For the cook in your life, wrap up some cookbooks with fun kitchen towels. It makes the whole gift functional!

For more ideas and inspiration, head over to our Pinterst board!

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