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Craft Up Some ‘Plant People’ With Your Kids

It’s not always easy to come up with some fun activities for your kids. Good thing we have you covered this week with a fun, easy and educational activity!

This week try crafting up some ‘plant people’ with your kids at home. This craft is perfect for your kids to use their imagination and creativity as well as learn more about plants in a fun way! All you need for this cute little craft is a potted plant with ‘hair’ like foliage and some random craft pieces such as pipe cleaners, glass stones, leaves, and buttons. For some examples of ‘plant people’ or a fun video of ideas for your ‘plant person’ click here.

This is a perfect opportunity for explaining to your children the benefit of having plants in the home and what they do for you and for everyone around the house. This activity also gets kids away from their usual want of watching television or playing video games, having them utilize their creativity will help their little minds grow- just like their ‘plant people’!

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