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Could a Manufactured Home be a Good Choice for Me?

Over 17 million people in the United States live in manufactured homes and if you were to visit any of our HomeFirst™ communities, you’d find that our communities are full of people of all ages, different backgrounds, and lifestyles. In fact, manufactured homes have so many amazing benefits to offer, it’s hard to think of a segment of the population that couldn’t benefit from them!


If you have young children, manufactured homes are a terrific option. They’re a very affordable way to give your kids a safe, comfortable, happy home to grow up in. With all the money you’re saving on your home, you’ll have more money to spend on things like fun family activities or to save for your child’s college education. By living in a HomeFirst™ manufactured home community, your kids will also have hours of fun and entertainment right within the community thanks to amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and athletic courts.

If you lived in a HomeFirst™ community, you also wouldn’t have to worry about your kids growing up in an unsafe environment. Many of our communities are located in or near cities that have been rated as some of the safest areas in Michigan. Our communities are also located in some fantastic school districts, so your kids will be able to get the education they need to get off on the best foot in life.

Young Adults

For some people, renting a home is a more practical choice than owning. Young adults in particular, are very likely to prefer to rent than own. According to a 2012 study by Foremost Insurance, 33% of people who rent a manufactured home are between the ages of 18 and 29 and it’s easy to understand why. With their limited financial resources, student debt to worry about, and the chance that they might need to relocate for a job in the future, renting a manufactured home gives them the flexibility they need at a price they can afford.

Living in a college dorm can be more chaotic, crowded, and expensive than many people really want to deal with. Renting an off-campus apartment or house close to campus can get awfully expensive, too. Since many HomeFirst™ communities are close to several great colleges, you’ll have an excellent place to live without having to make a long commute to class every day!

Retirees and Seniors

As adults move into retirement age, one of the most important things they can have is an affordable place to live. A 2014 study found that rising housing costs pose a major problem for the aging population, but manufactured homes not only offer an affordable place to live, they also have a lot of other great benefits for seniors. For example, most manufactured homes are only one story, so there’s no need to worry about climbing stairs. Many of our HomeFirst™ communities have great senior centers nearby and there are lots of fun events around the community, so there are lots of opportunities for social interaction.

As you can see, manufactured homes appeal to a wide variety of people. If you want to have a safe, comfortable, high quality place to call home at an amazing price, a manufactured home is a good choice for you. Take a look at some of the mobile homes for sale in our communities and you’re sure to be impressed by how much you can get for your money at HomeFirst™!

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