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Cost Effective Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

Heating a home during the winter season can break any families budget. A constant supply of heat takes money and resources. Even manufactured homes are not always as efficient as they can be. However, there are many unique ways in which to cut costs when winter finally arrives.

Choosing An Energy Source

The most obvious way to save money is to research which sources of energy are the least expensive. These prices range from city to city. Where electricity may be the cheapest way to heat a home in one town, gas may prove cheaper in another. Shop around and decide for yourself which option is the best for your home.

Solar Energy

A solar panel system may seem pricey, but they make up for it over time. Using solar energy can cut your gas and electric bills down to a fraction of what they once were. Many cities also provide tax rebates to home owners who choose to install a solar panel system. This is a great way to encourage the use of green energy, while also helping residents to save money.

Wood Stove

In some places, wood is too scarce to rely on during the colder months. If that is not the case where you live, then consider having a traditional wood stove installed. You can use the trees on your property, or you can purchase a stock of wood for winter. Wood stoves may not provide consistent temperatures throughout the home, but they will keep you warm and save you money.

Thermostat Location

Thermostats are used to dictate when the heating system is supposed to turn on and off. This usually occurs when there are changes within a two degree radius of your desired temperature. However, temperatures are never exactly the same throughout the home. It is crucial that the thermostat is located somewhere that delivers an accurate reading of the average home temperature. A thermostat that is kept in some cold dark corner will force the heater to run overtime, costing you an unnecessary amount of money.

Weather Stripping

Most of the heat that escapes a manufactured home goes through the doors and windows. Old window frames often separate from the wall over time, causing small gaps that let the warm air out and the cold air in. Weather stripping the doors and windows will fill those gaps and keep the warm air indoors. Cracks and holes in the structure of a home should also be filled for the same reasons. Minor repairs, such as this, cost very little money when compared to what you would lose on heating expenses.

Before deciding on which ways to save money this winter, you should first schedule an inspection of all heating appliances in the home. A malfunctioning heater will burn energy, increasing your heating expenses without anything to show for it. Make sure that all appliances are running as efficiently as possible, and you will save money and stay warm throughout the winter.

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