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Continuing Your Education in a HomeFirst Community

For many people, getting an education doesn’t stop after they get their high school diploma. Whether you’re a young adult just out of high school or an adult who wants to go back to school to get better job opportunities or to fulfill a dream of having a college degree, going to college is an important step in your life.

Unfortunately, going to college can also be one of the most expensive things a person can do. Visit any college or university and you’ll find students looking for any way they can cut down on the high costs of getting an education. This could involve living on a diet of Ramen noodles, searching around online for used textbooks, or living with multiple roommates. Want to know a great way to save money on pursuing a higher education that many people overlook? Forget about dorm rooms or renting an apartment or house. Manufactured homes are a much more affordable option.

HomeFirst™’s  manufactured home communities can be found near some of the best colleges and universities the state of Michigan has to offer. Whether you’d like to get your education at a big university or a smaller community college, there are plenty of options near HomeFirst™ communities. Our Woodland Ridge community is just a short drive away from cities like Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, so you won’t be far from the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University. Independence Commons is very close to Lansing, MI, where you could take classes at Michigan State University. If you lived in our Walnut Ridge community, located in Jackson, you’d be right in the neighborhood of Jackson College. Our Clinton River, Meadow Creek, and Riverbrook communities are all located pretty closely to Macomb Community College.

The houses and apartments available for rent close to college campuses are often pretty overpriced for what you get. They’re often small, might not be very modern looking, or don’t have nice amenities, if they have any amenities at all. The manufactured homes you’ll find in HomeFirst communities are not only larger, they’re often more stylish, more comfortable, and our residents have access to great amenities like fitness rooms and swimming pools for no extra cost. You also won’t have to deal with all the noise that typically comes with living in a place like a college’s residence hall or an apartment building. Our communities are nice, quiet environments and since you won’t be living wall-to-wall with your neighbors, you’ll have the assurance of knowing you’ll be able to study in peace.
Best of all, most of our communities have manufactured homes for rent. So whether it makes more sense for you to rent or own a manufactured home during your time in college, HomeFirst™ has options for you. When you live in a HomeFirst™ community, your classmates are sure to be jealous of how much money you’re saving and how comfortably you’re living!

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