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Complete Guide to the Best Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

There are endless reasons to live in Macomb County, Michigan. From a growing wealth of jobs to quality schools, Macomb County is one of southeast Michigan’s best destinations for raising a family. Throw in beautiful natural amenities like Lake St. Clair, the Clinton River and plenty of parks, as well as a growing arts community, and it’s easy to see why so many choose to live here.

But the true sign of a great American community is its food. When your stomach’s happy, you’re happy, and there are certainly many good places to eat in Macomb County. Whether it’s a diner in New Haven that reminds you of grandma’s cooking or an international eatery in Mt. Clemens that takes you to some far away destination, you’ll never struggle to find somewhere great to grab a bite.

Here’s HomeFirst’s guide to the best restaurants in Macomb County.

Family Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

If you’re looking for a place to take the entire family for a great meal, these delightful restaurant options are sure to deliver:

  1. The Pantry, Sterling Heights, MI ($)

With locations in Sterling Heights, Clinton Township and Washington Township, The Pantry is one of Macomb County’s most popular family-friendly breakfast spots. Founded in 1978, the Pantry has a long history of serving hearty omelettes, fruit-topped pancakes and impossibly thick French toast.

Their motto is “Welcome to the family,” so you’ll be sure to feel at ease when you visit. Their loyal patrons line up out the door just for a taste of their delicious breakfast deals.

  1. John’s Family Grill, Mount Clemens, MI ($)

If you’re looking for a tight-knit, family-style diner, you’ve come to the right place. John’s Family Grill, located in the charming community of Mt. Clemens, is a no-frills diner known for its breakfasts that are both comforting and filling. Think overflowing omelettes, sizzling corned beef hash and traditional bacon and eggs.

However, they’re not limited to breakfast. Check out their Friday fish specials if you’re looking for something a little different.

  1. New Haven Coney Island, New Haven, MI ($)

New Haven is an everybody-is-family kind of town, and New Haven Coney Island certainly contributes to that feeling. With friendly service, affordable prices and delicious food, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Starting bright and early with breakfast, their Truckers Special with three eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, toast and coffee will satisfy even the hungriest mouths in your family. For lunch or dinner, their Coney dogs, fish and chips and gyros all come highly recommended, too. And with great options for kids as well, this is the type of place where you’ll come back so often, the waitress will remember your order.

Italian Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

When you’re wanting Italian, check out these Macomb County Italian restaurants that will have you exclaiming “magnifico!”:


italian restaurants in macomb, mi


  1. De Francesco’s Italian Cuisine and Taverna, Shelby Township, MI ($$)

Consistently voted as the best Italian restaurant in Macomb County, De Francesco’s delivers the mom-and-pop Italian restaurant experience that so many love. With menu items like “Mamma’s Meatballs” and “Mamma’s Lasagna,” you’ll feel like you’re in your Nonna’s kitchen.

We recommend starting off with Arancini Di Riso, which are mouth-watering Italian rice balls — they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And with two full pages of entrees that include plenty of seafood pasta dishes as well as veal, steak and chicken dishes, you’ll find you and your family coming back over and over. They even have a completely gluten-free menu, as well as a kid’s menu, so you’ll be able to satisfy every member of your family.

  1. Eataliana Homemade Pasta, Shelby Township, MI ($)

You could call Eataliana a “hidden gem,” but it’s quickly becoming known as one of the best places for pasta in Macomb County. While the restaurant itself is nothing more than a few booths, as it’s known more as a takeout and delivery place, you wouldn’t know it from the food. Eataliana prepares their authentic Italian pastas fresh every day, and absolutely everything on the menu is homemade completely from scratch.

Their half moon ravioli, stuffed with ricotta cheese, parmigiana regiano and spinach, coated with a delicious pesto sauce is something to write home about. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with their lasagna, linguini or spaghetti and meatballs. Eataliana offers the closest you can get to authentic Italian dining without actually buying a plane ticket.

  1. Buon Appetito, Romeo, MI ($$)

Don’t be fooled by the quaint exterior — Buon Appetito may just be the best pasta restaurant this side of Detroit. Like Eataliana, Buon Appetito also offers takeout, and you’ll surely see orders continue to pile up while you’re there.

You can’t go wrong starting with fresh-out-of-the-oven focaccia bread and a classic Caesar salad before digging into a big bowl of pasta, but Buon Appetito’s deep menu also offers a number of other Italian delicacies, like mussels, chicken cremosi and eggplant parmigiana. They have a kids’ menu, too, so don’t be afraid to take the whole family!


family restaurants in macomb, mi


  1. Luciano’s Italian Restaurant, Clinton Township, MI ($$)

One of the best restaurants in Clinton Township, Michigan, Luciano’s has been family-owned and operated since 1987 — and it truly is a mom-and-pop family endeavor. Luciano and his wife Rosa handle the bulk of the cooking, while their son, Salvatore, prepares their savory sauces and tantalizing desserts. And don’t forget about their daughters, Lori and Sabrina, who book special events.

The restaurant was honored with the fine distinction of Detroit Metro Times’ Readers’ Choice for best Macomb County restaurant in 2016. Whether it’s for a fresh sandwich for lunch or a hearty bowl of pasta and seafood for dinner, you’ll be welcomed with open arms at Luciano’s.

  1. Sapori Italian Restaurant, Washington, MI ($$)

Sapori was the Detroit Metro Times’ readers’ choice for the best new Macomb County restaurant in 2015. Offering authentic homemade Italian cuisine made with nothing but the freshest ingredients, Sapori’s relaxed Italian eatery looks like it’s going to be a mainstay in the Macomb culinary scene.

Formal Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

There are times when you might want something a little fancy for dining out. Try these restaurants for an upscale dining experience:

  1. Mr. Paul’s Chophouse, Roseville, MI ($$$)

While Macomb Country is mostly known for its comfortable, family-friendly eateries, Mr. Paul’s Chop House brings an added element of class and sophistication. If you’re looking to impress a date or celebrate a special occasion, then book a reservation at Mr. Paul’s.

Family-owned since 1968, this fine establishment offers supremely cooked steaks, fresh seafood, an impressive wine list and a host of other delicacies. With a live piano player setting the mood nearly every night, you won’t find a more romantic establishment in Macomb County.

  1. The Brewery, Clinton Township, MI ($$$)

Established by the very same Mr. Paul in 1980, the Brewery has come to be known as one of the finest restaurants and bars in Macomb County, MI. This upscale bar offers an old-school yet chic atmosphere, with private candlelit rooms, an elegant patio and nothing but the best in fine dining.

The dinner menu includes favorites like lobster tail, seared scallops, lamb chops and the Black Angus cowboy rib eye. With an extensive wine list, a fine selection of desserts and a variety of modern cocktails, The Brewery is a great setting for any special occasion.

  1. Sterling’s Bistro, Sterling Heights, MI ($$)

While a little more on the casual side than Mr. Paul’s and the Brewery, Sterling’s Bistro still brings the sophisticated menu you’d expect from a fine-dining establishment. Their seasonal menu is home to an eclectic mix of high-end seafood, mouth-watering flatbread pizzas, fresh sushi and hearty Americana favorites.

Sterling’s was given the distinction of the best seafood in Macomb County by the readers of the Detroit Metro Times in 2016. If you’re a Michigan resident, you’ll be treated to a free prime rib or fresh catch dinner on your birthday!


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Casual Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

There are also probably times when you don’t want to dress up. On those occasions, check out these establishments:

  1. Bath City Bistro, Mount Clemens, MI ($$)

If you’re up for something completely unique, Bath City Bistro in Mount Clemens is more than just a restaurant. In addition to a delicious menu of tantalizing steaks, enticing mussels and popular pizzas, Bath City Bistro also brings an added element of fun with its Belgian Trough Bowling lanes.

This sport, which resembles curling or shuffleboard, is a fun activity to take part in while enjoying a great meal. The building itself is also impressive, with red brick and wood finishes still present from the original bath house from which the restaurant was converted. Bath City Bistro is a great place to share a laugh with a few friends or to do something a little different with your family.

  1. Buddy’s, Shelby Township, MI ($)

Serving the original Detroit-style pizza, this Detroit-wide chain has long been a local favorite when it comes to the famous square-style pizza with the crisp cheese edges. Buddy’s Shelby Township location offers a fun, modern take on the old-school diner.

Beyond Detroit-style pizza, Buddy’s also offers more adventurous takes on pizza, including Chicken Fajita and Greek pizzas. On top of that, they serve classic burgers, home-style pasta and a wide variety of hearty sandwiches. Be sure to check out this Detroit favorite.

  1. Vast Kitchen and Bar, Shelby Township, MI ($$-$$$)

Started by Clinton Township’s own chef Niki Justman in 2015, Vast Kitchen and Bar has already become a local favorite. Serving edgy cocktails, a deep selection of wines and a modern American menu full of fresh takes on traditional classics, Vast lives up to its name by having a little something for everyone.

Their lunch menu includes favorites such as crab cakes, shrimp tacos and the Vast BBQ cheeseburger, while their dinner menu steps up the sophistication-level, including rib eye steaks, seared Ahi tuna and mint-glazed lamb chops.

Mexican Restaurants in Macomb County, MI

Wanting something from South of the border? Macomb County offers up several delicious Mexican restaurants to satisfy the craving:

  1. Carter’s Cantina, New Haven, MI ($)

Dan Carter decided to bring the flavors of Mexico to the community of New Haven by opening Carter’s Cantina in 2016. The goal of the restaurant was simple: to bring authentic dishes reminiscent of a Mexican street vendor. The crowd favorites at Carter’s Cantina are definitely the street tacos. Choose between slow-roasted beef, carnitas or chicken served on soft corn shells, topped with cilantro, onions and avocado sauce.

Their ingredients are fresh, simple and full of flavor. The menu is rounded out with tostadas, spicy enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos and fajitas. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, making Carter’s Cantina one of our choices for the best restaurants in New Haven, MI.

  1. El Charro, Macomb Township, MI ($$)

With four locations across southeast Michigan, it’s clear that El Charro is doing something right — and that something is their famous puffy tacos. Thousands from across the state have enjoyed Delia Martin’s famous family recipe since the restaurant’s original location opened up in Fraser in 1971.

Their Macomb location is a county favorite for tacos, but patrons also enjoy their stuffed poblano peppers, fajitas, nachos and enchiladas.

tacos in macomb, mi



  1. Las Tortugas Taqueria & Market, Shelby Township, MI ($)

Since opening in 2009, Las Tortugas has offered authentic Mexican cuisine for every meal of the day! Start your day off spicy with a great selection of breakfasts including breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros or chilaquiles.

Their signature, though, is their selection of Mexican sandwiches, known as tortugas. A crowd favorite is the “Lomo con Aguacate,” featuring pork loin, avocado, jalapeño peppers and fresh veggies. You can also enjoy more traditional Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos and tostadas. They even have a friendly competition going to see who can eat the most tacos in one serving — at the time of writing this article, it’s 25.

Las Tortugas is also home to a market with a variety of fresh groceries and Mexican food brands.

Other Can’t-Miss Macomb County Restaurants

To round out our top places to eat in Macomb County, be sure to pay a visit to these locations:

  1. Gumbo’s, Mount Clemens, MI ($)

There’s nothing like some good home-style Cajun and Creole cooking. Mount Clemens is all about the close family vibe, and Gumbo’s certainly contributes to that feeling. Their New Orleans-style menu brings those hearty, feel-good flavors of the bayou. Try the New Orleans medley with gumbo, crawfish and shrimp étouffée with a side of rice and red beans.

  1. The Clean Plate, Shelby Township, MI ($)

For quick, fresh vegetarian options, The Clean Plate is your best bet in Macomb County. With completely locally sourced food, The Clean Plate will make you forget you ever liked meat. We recommend the A.B.L.T. sandwich, complete with avocado, shiitake “bacon,” lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli.

  1. Thai Orchid, Mount Clemens, MI ($)

Thai Orchid brings the heat with its traditional Thai dishes. With seven levels of spiciness, you’ll be able to customize your dish, no matter what your spice tolerance might be. A variety of noodle and curry dishes make this a place to keep coming back to!

Ready to Experience Macomb County for Yourself?

This impressive roster of restaurants should have you convinced that Macomb County is as competitive as any when it comes to its restaurant offerings. If you’re looking for mobile homes for sale in Macomb County, MI, you’ll be happy to know that HomeFirst offers three family-friendly communities in the region.

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