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Community Events at HomeFirst™

Here at HomeFirst™, we truly want our communities to be the types of places where our residents know their neighbors and can feel like they have lots of friends in the community. After all, one of the hardest things about moving can be worrying about living somewhere where you don’t know anybody.

We try to host a good variety of events that will appeal to as many of our residents as possible. When you live in one of our manufactured housing communities, you’ll be able to attend things like ice cream socials, potluck dinners, bingo nights, coffee and donut breakfasts, picnics, holiday parties, resident appreciation parties and so much more! Some of our events happen on the weekend, while others are on weekday evenings and others during morning hours. This way, no matter what your schedule is, there’s a good chance there will be events you can attend and meet other people in the community. For example, if you aren’t able to make it to a coffee and donut breakfast, you might be able to make it to a bingo night, instead.

These events are held in our community clubhouses. These clubhouses are very nice, cozy, spacious areas that provide the ideal setting for our residents to get together and socialize in. All of our residents are welcome to use our clubhouses for other things than official community events, too! If you just want a place to get together with some of your neighbors to get together, have something to eat, and catch up on each other’s lives, come on by! Or if you’re planning an event like a birthday party, family dinner, or baby or wedding shower, which might require a little more space than you have in your home, you’re always welcome to use the clubhouse!

Interested in joining one of our communities? Take a look at some of the manufactured homes available to rent or own in our many communities located in some of Michigan’s most ideal locations. If there’s something you’re interested in, contact us! Not only are the homes in our communities extremely affordable, our residents also have access to fun amenities like fitness rooms, swimming pools, playgrounds, athletic courts, and more!

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