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Common Questions About Manufactured Housing

Some of the questions we get most often here at HomeFirst™ are simply about manufactured homes themselves. Lots of our potential residents are coming from living situations like apartments and townhomes, and might not know all of the advantages and benefits that manufactured homes can offer! We’ve compiled here a list of common questions new residents may have about manufactured homes and our communities – if you want to know more, read on!

How are manufactured homes built?

True to their name, manufactured homes are built in a factory! But before you get the wrong impression about “assembly lines” or automatic building, manufactured homes are assembled and inspected by hand, with all work done by a team of professional builders and inspectors. Better yet, all manufactured home construction takes place indoors, safely away from the elements, making sure your home isn’t exposed to any mold or warping before delivery!

What kind of standards are manufactured homes held to?

As opposed to traditional site-built housing, which are only manufactured to the standards of individual states, manufactured homes are build up to the rigorous (and always updated) standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (also known as the HUD) to ensure the utmost in dependable construction, as well as ensuring safety standards and even energy efficiency! The HUD standards are always changing to reflect better manufacturing standards and different materials used, ensuring your manufactured home is built to the best possible quality of the time.

Are manufactured homes energy-efficient?

Manufactured homes, by design, are more efficient than site-built homes – and again, we have standards to thank! Not only do the HUD manufactured home standards specifically call for energy efficiency through things like efficient joint sealing, proper wiring, and more, there are actually a separate set of Energy Star manufactured home guidelines that many homes adhere to in order to further lower your electrical and heating bills! Manufactured homes are routinely found to be more efficient and cheaper to heat than site-built homes, and the manufacturers (and federal standards) work as hard as possible to keep it that way!

Why are manufactured homes so affordable?

The answer, like so many of these, lies in the construction process! Manufactured homes, even custom-built homes with different selectable options, are all built with high-quality materials purchased in bulk by manufacturers. Since the materials are purchased in large quantities and manufactured in a controlled environment, there are no costly weather delays or issues with the needed materials. With the shorter production time and lower labor costs, manufactured homes offer the highest-quality construction and materials without the additional cost of site-built housing!

Lower energy costs, better construction – what’s not to love? If you still have questions – or if you want to check out some of our manufactured home communities – contact HomeFirst™ today for more information!

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