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Common Manufactured Home Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Manufactured homes have answered the problem of affordable housing for many people. In many areas of the country, manufactured homes are the choice of young people, retirees and a variety of other age groups. However, like other types of housing, manufactured homes require regular maintenance to keep their systems functioning properly.

Home Exterior

Check doors and window for proper fit of trim. Replace broken window glass and screens. In autumn, take down screens if they are the removable type and store for the winter months. Re-caulk doors and windows to keep out winter winds and moisture. In spring, lubricate the window hardware for easy operation during the warmer months.


As soon as winter is over and snow on your roof has melted, climb up and take a look at the roof to ensure that no damage has occurred over the cold months. Look for separation of shingles, looseness or blistering. Check the flashing around the chimney and flashing and replace or repair if necessary. Inspect gutters and downspouts to make sure they are effective in carrying water away from the home structure. If you have any water stains in the home interior, track down the source and repair as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Check all seams, joints and edges for tight fit. Repair as needed.

Ground and Yard

Spring is a good time of year to check the grading around your home to ensure that it provides good drainage for your property. If you fail to make proper grading adjustments, rainfall is likely to collect around the foundation structure and under the home. This is also a good time to check the ventilation under the home to ensure that moisture that can lead to corrosion is allowed to escape.


Check the water heater for leaks and corrosion. Replace if necessary. Repair minor leaks on faucets inside the house. If connected to a septic system, have a service contractor check for malfunctions.

Electrical System

Your electrical system should be checked regularly to ensure that all connections are working efficiently and safely. All cords and plugs should be checked for fraying and replaced if necessary. Inspect wiring carefully and have any bare wires replaced by a qualified electrician. If you have a problem with fuses blowing or breakers tripping, have an electrician locate the problem and repair. Replace batteries on smoke alarms annually.

Heating and Cooling

Your heating and cooling system should be checked by a contractor annually to ensure good operation during the heating and cooling seasons. Replace your filters on a regular basis, such as monthly or every three months, depending on usage of your system. Clean dust from registers for free flow of air.

Home Interior

Inspect flooring and walls for damage or wear. Repair as necessary. Check bathroom tiles or laminate surfaces and repair when needed. Repair grouted joints to prevent further deterioration.

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