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Cleaning Your Patio Furniture

April 26th Patio Furniture
Spruce up your patio furniture for a sparkling new look before your summer backyard get-togethers

It is well into the summer season, which means lots of outdoor activities, block parties and home improvement projects. The weather is warm and the nights are cool, creating the perfect environment for a backyard get-together. But with the previous seasons harsh weather and the on again, off again rainfall of summer, your patio furniture may be looking a bit beat down and weathered around the edges.

When you plan on having company over for a backyard party you want everything to look its best, and you can’t forget about the furniture that your guests will be lounging in. Cleaning patio furniture with soap and water is not exactly the best route to take to get it looking brand new. Depending on the type of furniture you own, there are different combinations of cleaning vices to use to get the sparkling sheen you are looking for. From regular plastic chairs to aluminum patio sets, here are the materials and steps you need to get them clean enough to eat off of!

Source: DIY Network
Photo credit: Amanda Slater

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