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Clean Your Computer: The Right Way

Don’t forget to clean your computer!

Many computer users rarely clean their computer screens. Most don’t know the proper techniques to get the electronics clean without hurting them. And now with people using their computers more often than ever, knowing the proper way to clean a computer screen will be a vital factor in the elongation of your computer.

Here a few tips to abide by when cleaning your computer:

  • Never use all-purpose cleaners with acetone or alcohol when cleaning the computer screen as they can take off the computer screen’s protective coating
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dust off the computer and monitor
  • If your computer has lived through quite a few dirty fingers, you’ll want to turn off the machine and wipe down the screen with a slightly damp cloth
  • If you need to clean the exterior of your computer, you can use a cloth moistened with a mild all-purpose cleaner, like Windex, or you can try a computer specific product

Photo Credit: Sean ‘Svadilfari’

Source: MSN Lifestyle

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