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Choosing Whitmore Lake Public Schools

A good education is one of the most important things you can have in life. No matter what type of career your child decides to pursue when they grow up, the things they learn in grade school can set them up to succeed in life. But far too many people feel like it’s simply to expensive to live in an area where their kids will have access to first-rate schools.

When you live in a HomeFirst™ manufactured home community, you won’t have to choose between having a home you can afford and making sure your children have a good education. Each of our communities are located near some incredible schools, including Whitmore Lake Public Schools. Children in our Coventry Woods and Hamburg Hills communities are able to attend school in this amazing district, which has lots of great things to offer that make both parents and students very happy.

Small Class Sizes

You don’t want your child to go to a school where classes are so crowded it’s hard to get the individualized attention they need. Whitmore Lake Public Schools is a small, but excellent, school district. As of June 2016, roughly 1,000 students were enrolled in the entire district, which gives teachers the chance to really get to know their students and help them out one-on-one when needed.

Wide Range of Courses

No matter which school your child goes to school in, they’re going to have to take classes in the same basic subjects: math, history, English, science, social studies, etc. What makes Whitmore Lake Public Schools different is that they offer a very diverse assortment of classes in each of those basic subjects. For example, the Social Sciences department at Whitmore Lake High School includes basic social studies and history classes, as well as more unique classes like History vs. Hollywood, Criminology, and Abnormal Psychology.

Whitmore Lake High School also has an amazing Business & Technology department, which gives students the chance to take classes that range from Practical Law and Financial Management to Web Design and Management, Graphic Design, and Video Game Design.

Having such an excellent assortment of classes means that students will be able to get a well-rounded education that keeps them challenged, interested, and allows them to pursue their individual interests.

Lots of Activities

Whitmore Lake Public Schools is very big on engaging students through extracurricular activities. Not only do extracurricular activities give kids the chance to build important skills like leadership, personal responsibility, and time management, many colleges and universities are impressed by students who have been actively involved in extracurricular activities. Whether your child is interested in athletics, performing arts, robotics, or community leadership, Whitmore Lake Middle and High School have clubs and activities for them to get involved with.

A Track Record of Success

With so many excellent things going for it, Whitmore Lake Public Schools is truly an excellent district — and we’re not just saying that! According to SchoolDigger, Whitmore Lake Public Schools rate in approximately the top third of all Michigan school districts. As of 2014, Whitmore Lake High School had 97% graduation rate and their students earned over $700,000 worth of scholarships!

An amazing school district is just one thing that makes Whitmore Lake an ideal place to live. You’ll be place Whitmore Lake is also conveniently located near thriving cities like Ann Arbor, Novi, Canton, and Plymouth, which are all full of excellent places to work and have fun.

HomeFirst™’s Coventry Woods and Hamburg Hills communities have mobile homes for sale at incredibly affordable prices. You’ll be amazed when you realize just how affordable home ownership really can be! A spacious manufactured home with modern designs and stylish features could all be yours for a mere fraction of what a comparable house would cost. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help you through your homebuying journey.

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