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Choosing the Right Floor for Your Home

Selecting the right flooring solution can make or break the aesthetic profile of your home. With so many flooring options available, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which solution is right for you. To make your decision easier, here are 5 of the most types of floors, along with estimated pricing.

1) Carpet:
Available in a wide array of colors, carpet is a great way to brighten and personalize a room. Carpet insulates well from the cold, keeping your home warm and energy bills low. Carpet also traps airborne dust particles, which can decrease the number of allergens floating around your home. The only downside is carpet can become stained and may not last as long as hardwood.

Expect to pay: $2 to $12/square foot + $2/square foot for installation


2) Hardwood: Hardwood is an elegant flooring solution, giving your home a naturally clean and shiny look. If you have young children or animals, hardwood floors are advantageous because they don’t stain and they clean easily. However, since hardwood surfaces aren’t very giving, they also present a slight injury risk. Hardwood comes in a variety of shades, thickness levels and styles.

Expect to pay: $3 to $8/square foot + $5 to $12/square foot for installation

3) Laminate:
Quick and easy to install, laminate flooring looks similar to hardwood and is generally more affordable. The big difference is that the top layer of laminate is not real wood, but rather a plastic coating applied over a photograph. Laminate wood is composed of four layers fused together to create a durable and glossy floor. Instead of installing with adhesives or nails, laminate uses a lock-and-fold method, making it easy and inexpensive to install.

Expect to pay: $1 to $7/square foot + $2 to $5/square foot for installation

4) Linoleum:
Made from natural renewable materials such as cork dust, linseed oil and limestone, Linoleum is an excellent “green” flooring solution. Linoleum is durable like ceramic or hardwood, and generally less expensive. Naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable, linoleum is easy to install and simple to maintain. It’s also stylish, but perhaps not to the same extent as carpet or hardwood.

Expect to pay: $2 to $5/square foot + $7 to $12/square foot for installation

5) Tiles:
If you’re looking for a truly custom flooring solution, ceramic tiles may be your best bet. Tiles come in many shapes, colors, sizes and textures that you can mix and match for a decorative, rustic and truly original floor. The only downside is that tiles, made from a mixture of baked clay and shale, can crack rather easily.

Expect to pay: $1 to $100/square foot + $4 to $12/square foot for installation

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