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Choosing Pinckney Community Schools

What’s better than finding an affordable home that’s close to an excellent school district? Finding an affordable home that’s close to two excellent school districts!

Being a resident of HomeFirst™’s Coventry Woods or Hamburg Hills manufactured home communities means you’ll be in the unique position of having your choice between two great schools. While many parents in these communities choose to send their children to school in Whitmore Lake Public Schools, many others choose Pinckney Community Schools instead. Both school districts offer students excellent educations and lots of great opportunities, but here are a few reasons why some parents choose Pinckney Community Schools:

Technology-Driven Curriculum

Since technology is a vital part of our lives, Pinckney makes sure kids are able to start learning how to use it as early as Kindergarten. By the time students in Pinckney Community Schools reach seventh grade, the school will provide them with a laptop of their very own to use. Pathfinder School and Pinckney Community High School are the only middle and high schools in Livingston County to have this kind of one-to-one laptop program.

Project-Based Learning Opportunities

Students in Pinckney Community Schools also have the chance to attend either Pinckney Community High School or Pinckney New Tech High School. Pinckney New Tech takes a more project-based approach to learning and frequently gives students the chance to work together in groups to solve problems they might encounter in the real world. Before graduating, students are required to complete a 40-hour internship project, which will help them gain even more real world experience. Students of Pinckney New Tech High School have an above average graduation rate and tend to be more likely to complete college when compared to the national average.

A Positive Learning Environment

Pinckney Community Schools actively take steps to ensure their students are able to learn in a positive, friendly environment. Making the transition from middle school to high school can be tough, so Pinckney Community High School created a Link Crew program, which pairs juniors and seniors with incoming freshmen so the underclassmen will have someone to answer their questions and help them out. They also have a Positive Peer Influence program where students who are considered leaders amongst their peers are trained to mediate conflicts between their fellow students. Students also have the chance to attend Camp Skyline, a weekend-long retreat where students can build valuable teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Not many locations give you the chance to choose between two such excellent school systems. Our Coventry Woods and Hamburg Hills communities both have extremely affordable manufactured homes for sale in Whitmore Lake. The median price for a home in Whitmore Lake is $172,200, but you don’t have to pay nearly that much at HomeFirst™. In either Coventry Woods or Hamburg Hills, you’ll easily be able to find a large, comfortable, modern home for a fraction of that price. Stop paying more and getting less and call HomeFirst™ today!

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