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Checking the Construction Quality of Your Manufactured Home

In today’s day and age, manufactured homes no longer seem like manufactured, mobile homes on the inside. When one steps inside a manufactured home, the quality of the construction and design speaks loudly on how far technology and construction has come. There are a couple different things to look for when checking the quality of your manufactured home.

What are the Benefits of a Manufactured Home?

Today, manufactured homes are built with the same type of building materials as homes that are constructed on site. There are several different benefits of buying a manufactured home.

  • The construction process of building the manufactured home is quality controlled in the factory.
  • All materials necessary to build the manufactured home, including household appliances such as microwaves and dish washers, are bought in large volumes which saves the consumer money.
  • All construction workers who are building and putting the manufactured home together are employed by the same employer and work together to get the home built.
  • All steps in manufacturing the home are continually inspected by on site inspectors insuring the best quality home available to be manufactured.

How Do You Check the Quality of Your Home?

There are several different aspects to look at while checking the quality of your manufactured home. As with most things you buy in today’s world, you get what you pay for. If you are concentrating on buying a budget home, you will get budget quality, but if you buy a quality priced manufactured home, you will get a quality home for your money. There are several different visible features of a manufactured home that you are able to inspect to tell the quality of the construction.

  • If the manufactured home has no roof overhang up to 3″, the home is budget quality.
  • If the ceiling level at the exterior walls is 7’6″ to 8′, the quality of the manufactured home is mid-range to premium.
  • If the interior walls of the home are dry wall, the construction quality is very good.
  • If the shingles on the home are economy 3 tab shingles, the quality of the home is budget, while if the shingles are standard 3 tab or dimensional shingles, the quality of the home is mid-range to premium.

There are advantages and benefits to owning manufactured homes in today’s society. The quality of the home is inspected through every step of the manufacturing process and many times individuals are saved money by the appliances and other interior features being bought at bulk to manufacture many homes at once. Although some features of the quality of the home are hidden beneath the floors or inside the walls, there are visible features you are able to inspect. Check out the visible features to make sure you are indeed getting the quality home you are thinking you are getting.

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