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Cheap DIY Art for Your Walls

Wall art is a great way to spruce up your home but it can be expensive. A large original piece of art can run thousands of dollars and reproductions can run hundreds. Creating some original wall décor can be priceless.


Here are 8 cheap DIY wall decor ideas for making your own original art:

Paint paper-mache letters silver to create “metal” alphabet letters.

metal letters

Paint boxes and hang them on your wall.
paint boxes

Hang Christmas lights and incorporate them into a canvas for lighted star art.

Glue small wooden letters to a canvas or board and spray paint.
wooden letters

Make a burst mirror out of paint sticks.

Use hangers to hold prints

Use CD Jewel cases to hold pretty photos and cluster them on the wall.
cd cases

Add pretty wallpaper or fabric to boards and hang them as art.

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