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Celebrating Halloween in a Manufactured Home Community

Your memories of Halloween and the fun of going “trick-or-treating” are most likely tied directly to the community that you grew up in. Some areas can have strict rules that require specific times and a pre-set noise level. Other areas may be cold and distant, in which the community itself did not celebrate. There are some communities that can bind together and offer a truly memorable and fun Halloween for the kids in the area. A great example of this would be celebrating Halloween in a manufactured home community.

As these communities are often set fairly close together, there can be a great level of familiarity and trust within the group. Most families know each other well, and they can trust the candy handed out enough to allow for their children to have a little more freedom while walking from home to home. This level of familiarity can allow the community to pull together and create a memorable night for all of the children in the area, while also being entertaining for the adults and older children.

Community Costume Themes

With a little bit of early planning, you can get the entire community to dress to a specific theme, with each family playing a different role. With some luck, you can cover a lot of different versions to the same theme. Some ideas could be:

  • X-Men or Avengers characters
  • Famous television families
  • Favorite sports teams

Another variation on this is to have each family dress in a different type of traditional scary monster costumes. This would allow the family next door to be the zombies, and the family across the road could be witches.

Costume Contest

Another popular option would also be a community-wide costume contest. You can have the families in the area come together to erect a small stage in the center of the community for kids to take turns showing off their costumes and winning simple prizes. By breaking the contests down by age groups, you can also get some additional participation from the older groups. Or, have each home decorated to match their costumes. Have fun with the prizes! Some awards could be:
• Best Dressed Family
• Best Decorated House
• Best Kids Costume

“Trick-or-Treat” Scavenger Hunt

One very fun idea is to develop a community scavenger hunt! Have all of the families round up all of the candy they intend to give out, and have it pre-packaged. Then, hide the “loot,” and at each home, give out clues or hints as to where the candy is hidden. With each house giving out a different clue, and having the children do silly activities to earn the next clue, everyone can have a lot of fun. The parents can enjoy the tricks while the kids earn their treats. And don’t worry about someone taking too much candy when they solve the riddle. Simply have a parent or adult dress as a pirate and guard the treasure, and demand that they turn over their clues before they get a part of the “booty.”

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