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Can You Get Homeowners Insurance for a Manufactured Home?

At HomeFirst™, we pride ourselves on offering durable homes and a welcoming community, all at an affordable price. But no matter how well-constructed our homes are, there’s no shame in being careful when it comes to things like injury on, or damage to, your property.

Homeowners’ insurance is a great way to guard yourself against issues like that, but what a lot of first-time manufactured home owners might not know is that not only can you get homeowners insurance on a manufactured home, you can actually get specific plans for manufactured homes! Agencies such as American Modern (the insurance provider of choice for HomeFirst™ communities) offer specialized insurance plans for manufactured homes, and since no one plan will be perfect for every homeowner it’s always a good plan to shop around. Good thing you have options, right?

Many different options are available when it comes to manufactured home homeowners insurance. You can get policies to cover the cost of personal property inside your home, the cost of damages to the house itself, and even things like satellite antennas on the outside of your home! (And considering satellites are an average investment of at least $120 to install, it might be a good idea to get it protected!)

There’s a lot of less well-known benefits to having homeowners’ insurance, too. Many homeowner insurance packages can cover things like damage from falling debris, losses from family members who no longer live at the home (such as a child moving away for college), and even damage due to power outages!

Of course, when it comes to concerns about home durability, HomeFirst™ manufactured homes are tough to beat. Thanks to the construction process of manufactured homes, the materials used are kept safely indoors from the elements during construction, and thanks to the specific federal government codes that govern their design and manufacturing, they’re often found to be more durable by design than site built housing!

If you’re considering moving into a manufactured home and have any more questions, or would like to take a closer look at our homes and communities, contact HomeFirst™ today. Or if you’ve already made up your mind, browse our collection of manufactured homes for sale or rent and find the perfect home for you and your family!

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