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Can You Add-On to Your Manufactured Home?

One of the most common misconceptions about manufactured homes is that, once they’re set on the lot, that’s it – there’s no additional construction or renovation that can be done on them, and whatever they left the factory with is what they’ll have forever.

We’re happy to report that, in many cases, that’s not true! While it certainly depends on things like city ordinances and the nature of the work being done, plenty of our residents have had additions built onto their home like porches and decks!

Thanks to our spacious lots and house design, plenty of room is available for outdoor additions to your HomeFirst™ manufactured home. Many of our residents’ homes feature additions like porch swings, decks, and even verandas! Take a stroll through any of our mobile home communities and you’ll see all sorts of outdoor additions to our residents’ homes – all the better to help you feel at home.

There are a few rules – but don’t worry, they’re not too strict! We do request that all home additions have a plan filed with us first so our property management teams can review the plans and ensure they meet with our community’s layout and plans. Depending on the city your community resides in, you may have to file a permit with the city as well – your community manager may be able to provide more information as to what permits you’ll need. Finally, you will require the work to be done by a licensed contractor – but what contractor you want to work with is entirely up to you!

A porch, a veranda, a deck – whatever you want to add to your home, HomeFirst™ wants you to be able to enjoy the weather and make your manufactured home feel like your own. Got more questions about the sort of additions you can build, or who you have to talk to in order to make it happen? Call your community manager, or contact us directly with any questions or comments you might have.

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