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Can I Have a Garden at HomeFirst™?

Whether you rent your manufactured home or own it, we want you to feel right at home in your HomeFirst™ community and a big part of that is having the freedom to customize your home as you see fit. You’re welcome to paint, hang things on the walls, or change out the carpeting if you want to. This also means you have the option of customizing your yard by planting a garden if you want to. (Although if you rent your manufactured home, just remember to get approval from management first!)

While some people might want to avoid working in the yard at all costs, for many people, gardening is a fun way to relax and spend their spare time. Whether you just want a small, simple garden or something more elaborate, you’re welcome to make it happen in your HomeFirst™ community. In fact, we always love seeing all the beautiful gardens around the community!  If you’re a more ambitious gardener, you might want to look for a manufactured home on a corner lot since those tend to be more spacious than other lots. But if you prefer something simpler, a regular lot will still give you plenty of space to plant a garden.

You’re welcome to plant flowers, shrubs, or even vegetables if you like in your manufactured home’s yard. Not only can having a beautiful garden make your home look nice, gardening is a great way to relax, stay active, think creatively, and have fun.

Having a beautiful garden also makes your yard an ideal place to relax during the spring and summer months. If your manufactured home has a deck, adding a garden around it is a perfect way to help make your yard into your own personal oasis. Whether you want to invite your friends or neighbors over for a cookout to show off your gardening skills or just want to enjoy a peaceful evening outside relaxing with a book and a cool glass of lemonade, you’ll love spending time in your yard when you have a garden.

By living in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll not only have the freedom to customize your home, you’ll also be getting an extremely affordable home. Take a look at some of the manufactured homes for sale in our communities and you’ll be amazed at how affordable a 3 or 4 bedroom home in a prime location could be! If renting would be a better option, most of our communities have manufactured homes for rent, too! Have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to see a home in one of our communities? Contact us! We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have.

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