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What to Know About Buying a Manufactured Home in Michigan

Are you considering options for mobile homes for sale in Michigan? Whether you have decided on a new or a used mobile homes for sale in Michigan, or you are still at the early stages of the process, researching options, rules, regulations and financial particulars will serve you well.

Mobile home living is increasing in popularity in the state of Michigan for a lot of reasons, including lower cost of living and community style living that appeals to seniors, to young families, and more. Should you buy new or used? Should you move it? How will you pay for it? There’s a lot to consider.

Your MI State Mobile Home Search – New or Used?

There are many benefits to buying new mobile homes and there are also some benefits to buying used mobile homes. You will find both options for sale in Michigan, including in Clinton Township and elsewhere.

Whether it’s a used or new manufactured home, there is an affordability factor that’s hard to deny. Whether it’s being able to buy with a smaller down payment, being able to afford more home with less monthly output, and/or the difference between paying rent and putting money into your own pocket, it’s increasingly popular and only stands to continue to grow in popularity.

Many now realize that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury in a manufactured home, either. While costs are lower than site-built homes, this doesn’t mean you can’t have spacious rooms, beautiful flooring, gorgeous kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms.

A bit of research goes a long way and when researching mobile homes for sale in Michigan, so here are some things to keep in mind.

Exploring Used Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan vs. New Mobile Homes for Sale

In Michigan, you’ll find both new and used options. In many cases the cost savings of a used manufactured home could make the idea a very attractive proposition. Saving thousands, or in some cases tens-of-thousands, doesn’t have to equate to sacrificing your wish list. Conversely, you will want to pay close attention when buying a deeply discounted mobile home. If it’s a power-of-sale scenario, a close inspection can help you determine whether or not the discount directly correlates to damage that could be costly to repair. It might be more difficult to secure financing on an older mobile home.

Many who opt for a used home are willing to put in a little bit of money for updating. Others want the peace of mind that comes with a move-in-ready home.

Location and Moving a Mobile Home

Just because it’s called a mobile home doesn’t mean that moving it is simple and inexpensive. Deciding whether to buy a used mobile home is also something to consider based on location. Does the current location make it a worthwhile investment for you? If not, you will need to take into consideration the cost of moving the home, which will include the transportation costs, Michigan Department of Transportation permits to move the actual home, as well as any associated set-up fees for the new location. A new mobile home could have costs built into the price of the home.

Age Restrictions on Pre-Owned Manufactured Homes

Many Michigan communities have age restrictions, too. If you buy a manufactured home that’s older, you will want to determine whether or not it’s too old to go to a preferred mobile home community. More than half of the mobile home communities in Michigan have age restrictions. In some cases, it can be grandfathered in a community regardless of age if you are keeping it at the same site.

Convenience of New Mobile Homes

New mobile homes will have an appeal to most with updated décor and potential incentives as well as the fact that many new models can have features you might not have seen in older models. In many cases, manufacturers or communities selling new homes will also have in-house financing options, making it easier to obtain a mortgage.

When you compare costs, location, features and other elements, keep in mind that opting for a manufactured home versus a site-built house could save you money while offering community living that can be ideal for any stage in life.

Whether you are moving into your first home, retiring, downsizing or are simply looking to own a home without an insanely high mortgage, you have many choices for new mobile homes for sale throughout Michigan.

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