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Bruised Credit? You’re Still Welcomed at HomeFirst™!

These days, even though the recession may be over, times are still tough for a lot of people. More and more Americans these days have what’s considered to be subprime credit, – as many as 56% of people according to a recent study – meaning they are unable to get the best interest rates if they try to borrow money, and that’s if they are able to borrow money at all.

Having subprime credit is especially limiting when it comes time to buy your own house. The recent fluctuations in the housing market has lead to several restrictions being placed on mortgage lenders and the trend does not look likely to reverse anytime soon.

But with HomeFirst™ manufactured home communities, we understand that not everyone has spotless credit, and we want to make sure everyone gets the chance to own a quality, well-built home of their very own. HomeFirst™ offers home financing for anyone, even if your credit is less than perfect.

Better yet, once you’re approved for a manufactured home loan, making payments can prove beneficial overall. Paying your bills on time, especially on much bigger investments like a home, will do much to restore your credit score even if you don’t pay it off immediately. By applying for a loan to purchase a home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’re actually taking steps to help restore your credit!

And the benefits don’t stop there. HomeFirst™ residents are given free and unlimited access to GreenPath Debt Solutions, a credit and financial counseling and education program. GreenPath is available for all HomeFirst™ residents to start taking steps to restore their credit and secure their financial future.

HomeFirst™ believes in making life better for its residents, whether it’s through providing financial counseling or simply offering a great and affordable place to live no matter what your counseling score. Want to know more about the financial programs we offer, or the homes and communities we have for sale? Contact HomeFirst™ today with any questions you may have.

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