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Bringing the Community Together – Event Ideas

One of the best things about living in manufactured homes is that they are generally set up in private communities. These small areas create the perfect opportunity to actually meet and enjoy your neighbors. In a hurry and hustle world, having a community that knows and enjoys each other’s company is very special.

If you are new to a manufactured home community, you will find that most have a community center located in the neighborhood. This center can be used for many different things by the residents, and often can be rented for private affairs. If you really would like to get to know your neighbors, there are several things that you can do that will bring the community together.

Different Events You Can Create In Your Community

  • Community Pot Luck. Set up the community center in buffet fashion and ask all your neighbors to come with a dish. If you want, provide the main dish and have everyone bring their specialties. It is a great way to taste new foods and meet your neighbors.
  • Start A Movie Night. You can designate one night a month as movie night and invite the community to come and enjoy a movie. Of course, it is bring your own popcorn.
  • Game Night. Set up tables and put out board games, decks of cards, and any other game that you think may be of interest to your neighbors. You can even take it to the next level and make it tournament style.
  • Bake Sale. Encourage each member of the community to bring one plate of goodies to sell and then hold a sale within the community or post notices for people outside the community to attend. Once the sale is over, use the money towards something everyone in the community will enjoy.
  • Themed Dance. Hold a dance in the community center once a month and change the theme each time. Don’t forget to hold a masquerade ball.
  • Community Breakfast. Have a pancake breakfast and enjoy your neighbors company. If you charge admission, after expenses use the money to help someone in the community.
  • Tag Sale. Holding a community tag sale allows everyone to clean out their homes, make some extra money, and interact with their neighbors when everyone is set up outside.
  • Holiday Celebrations. Create a special event during each holiday that will welcome your neighbors. Neighborhood picnics are always a great idea.
  • Craft Club. While this may not attract all the neighbors in a community, like minded crafters will find that it is fun to meet once or twice a month and do crafts together.

There are countless ways that you can bring a community together without large expense or much effort. In fact, sometimes the most simplest of gestures produces the largest community feeling.

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